Welcome to Department of Marathi

Welcome to Department of Marathi

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History of the Department  :

The Department of Marathi, MVP’s Arts and Commerce College, Makhamalabad aims to promote Marathi Language, Literature and culture. The department was established in July 2008 along with the establishment of the college. Keeping the motto ‘Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay’ in mind, the mother institute Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj intends to develop social consciousness and social vision along with the study of Marathi language and literature among the students. In order to inculcate these virtues among the students, the institute starts Marathi as a special subject at undergraduate level in this college. In the current academic year Mr. Shivaji Ramnath Sumbhe and Dr. Purushottam Sadanand Tayde is working as Assistant professor in department.

The department organizes various academic and extra-curricular activities related to Marathi language literature and culture, under the guidance and leadership of Hon. Prin. Dr. V. S. Kale.


Departmental Objectives:

  • To promote  language and literature research.
  • Developing linguistic and literary skills.
  • Enhancing Literary Awareness.
  • To create sensitive, cultured and mission-oriented generation for nation building.
  • To create professional opportunities by guiding for competitive examinations.